Staffing Worksheet: Tool to Evaluate Staffing Needs in the OR

Operating Room Staffing Analysis Worksheet

This tool was developed to evaluate staffing needs in the operating room (OR) setting. Here’s how it was used in one particular scenario, feel free to adjust to fit your own facility’s needs:

Every day, a Resource RN fills out the tools with regards to their particular shift. The worksheet is started by the RN filling in the numbers of staff who are scheduled to be present at 07, 09, 11, 13, 16,17,19, and 2100 hours. Additionally, the number of total rooms running during each interval period, # of sick calls for each shift for each interval, # of staff permitted to leave early per interval, call people available for each interval and finally, call staff used during each interval. If data is captured over a 3 month time frame, this tool may be used to determine basic trends, and if used over a 12 month period, seasonal census changes may be evaluated. On an ongoing basis, the information gathered can be presented to show not only where FTE shift adjustments may be valuable, but also can be used for justification for additional FTE’s if needed.

Materials shared by Joe Barnard CST, CRCST , Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital

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Download Staffing WorkSheet Tool: Evaluation of Staffing Needs in the Operating Room

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